trauma | Christina Felschen

trauma | Christina Felschen

Second birth

Estela de Carlotto, grande dame of the Argentinean civil rights movement, has finally found her stolen grandson Guido.. 37 years after his parents were murdered and he was made to live with a couple close to the military regime. What a day for the Abuelas de la Plaza de Mayo! However, there are still 400 unidentified grandchildren out there… Do they have the slightest idea? And if they do, what keeps them from coming out?

The Caravan of Change

published by Peace Boat (>> and >>, Youtube >>), in Spanish >> and in the German magazine “Südlink” 2/2013 >>

What to do if your own city has just gone through a civil war and will not wake up? If everybody locks themselves into their homes and their neighbours out? In the desert town of Villa El Salvador, a 16-year-old went out into the empty streets with a clown nose. Many followed her – until today.

Riots in Gandhi’s neighbourhood

written for the Peace Boat website, January 11, 2013 >>

The Bhambayi township has come a long way after apartheid: In 1992 violent riots broke out between supporters of different political parties – next door to a model settlement created by the icon of non-violence, Mahatma Gandhi. Today Gandhi’s great-granddaughter and a traditional healer help orphans to overcome the trauma

“Frightened for generations”

published on Peace Boat website, 2/2/2013 >>

Three decades after the end of the military dictatorship in Argentina, its cruel legacy is still alive. The militaries have abducted, tortured and killed at least 30,000 people who were suspected of opposing their regime – and adopted their young children. Thus, more than 400 young people of my generation are still living with the murderers of their real parents (or their complices). We met one woman who recently regained her identity.