Hi, I am Christina

(Felschen), a journalist (and photographer) in Vancouver, B.C. I work for different newspapers, magazines, and radio stations. Originally from Germany, I have lived and worked in North America since 2014, first in California, then in New York City before moving to Canada.

I tell global stories about social change, migration, and human rights from a local perspective. Before moving to North America, I have worked in Marseille, Buenos Aires and on the world’s oceans (for the Japanese NGO Peace Boat). I hold a Master’s degree in Comparative Literature, French and Social Anthropology from Göttingen and Strasbourg Universities, and received my professional training in cross-media journalism at the EJS School of Journalism in Berlin and the New York Film Academy.

My documentaries have been nominated for and won journalism awards. I am a language nerd but only comfortable working in four of them: English, German, Spanish and French. Working regular shifts on ZEIT ONLINE‘s newsdesk, podcast, and newsletter, I keep European night owls up to date with world news while the sun still shines on the West Coast.














I offer:

freelance work as a reporter, photographer, editor, translator/ interpreter or photography teacher

NGOs, institutions and companies:
Trainings/ Photography classes:
  • “Pacto del Silencio”, documentary film by Carlos Echeverría, WDR 2005 (Spanish > German)
  • Book “NarcoZones”, Assoziation A (Spanish > German, two chapters)
  • Rouma/ Amour, short story by Kim Thúy, taz 2011 (French > German)
  • as well as different articles for the development magazine “Südlink” (English/ French/ Spanish > German)

CV in English: