children | Christina Felschen

children | Christina Felschen

Under the bridges of Stockton

published by ZEIT ONLINE, January 2, 2018 >> (text, translation, and photos: CF)

The Bay Area is booming, but misery is spreading in the hinterland of San Francisco. A young mayor is now experimenting with a radical idea: a basic income.

Frantic with worry – why so many men escape without their family

part of the exhibition “…and suddenly there is silence”, on display in the townhall of Wadersloh, Germany, as of April 20, 2016 >>

Sulyman is angry. Angry with himself, because he cannot do anything but “sleep, eat, drink” – in a house with 40 other worrisome men. And he is angry with the authorities. Six months have passed since his application for asylum; six months, in which his wife and small children have persevered between the front lines waiting for a family reunification visa. What, if the Syrian war is faster than the German authorities?

First times – Iranians in a German village

part of the photo exhibition “…und plötzlich diese Stille” (…suddenly there is silence), on display in the townhall of Wadersloh, Germany, as of April 20, 2016 >>

Farkhondeh*, Kurosh and their two daughters were betrayed. While they were on vacation, the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution broke into her house in Tehran and found figures of angels and crosses. Evidence. As Christians, they would have been immediately arrested upon entry. A smuggling truck was their salvation – but first, it was nearly their end.

Riots in Gandhi’s neighbourhood

written for the Peace Boat website, January 11, 2013 >>

The Bhambayi township has come a long way after apartheid: In 1992 violent riots broke out between supporters of different political parties – next door to a model settlement created by the icon of non-violence, Mahatma Gandhi. Today Gandhi’s great-granddaughter and a traditional healer help orphans to overcome the trauma

Viviana’s silence

published on Peace Boat’s website on February 14, 2013 Peace Boat el 21 febrero 2013 >> and in Spanish >>

At 14, Viviana Fernandez was imprisoned and tortured by the military dictatorship of Pinochet in Chile. For three decades she did not touch the topic, not wanting to aggravate her family’s discrimination and isolation. Many of the 1000 children, that were imprisoned under Pinochet, are traumatized until now. Today Viviana helps other former child prisoners to improve their self-esteem and to be recognized for their political resistance.

“Frightened for generations”

published on Peace Boat website, 2/2/2013 >>

Three decades after the end of the military dictatorship in Argentina, its cruel legacy is still alive. The militaries have abducted, tortured and killed at least 30,000 people who were suspected of opposing their regime – and adopted their young children. Thus, more than 400 young people of my generation are still living with the murderers of their real parents (or their complices). We met one woman who recently regained her identity.

The last days of the Sundarbans

published in Südlink magazine 12/2010 in German >>

In a mangrove forest on the shore of the Indian Ocean the British photographer Peter Caton portrayed the first victims of climate change – islanders who are dislodged by rising waters and cyclones.