journalism | Christina Felschen

journalism | Christina Felschen

A grassroots revolution

In March 2011 this text was shortlisted for the Minority Voices Young Journalism Award; see the original feature in German language at Einloggen13, the online magazine of the EJS School of Journalism >>

The citizen journalists of InsightShare or Rising Voices believe in the best of all possible worlds: a world in which the disenfranchised rise their voices. Like Keidy and Rezwan who get involved virtually and are threatened for real.

Hamburg meets Johannesburg – an evening with Joe Thloloe

blog post written during the International Insitut for Journalism’s Summer Academy 2007

Brave New www.orld: European Media 2057, a fiction

This fictitious reportage was written as an application task for the 1st “European Youth Media Days” (EYMD) 2007 in Brussels. Any resemblance with a living or dead person is purely accidental and cannot be taken seriously >>