Annual Report for German NGO

As project manager I was in charge of the relaunch and conception/editing of Welthungerhilfe’s Annual Report 2013. Welthungerhilfe is Germany’s largest secular NGO. The Annual Report shows on 56 pages what the NGO used donations for, how people benefit from its projects and what the future holds. Upon evaluation of 50 Annual Reports, Spiegel Online named Welthungerhilfe the “most transparent” German NGO.

published with a print run of more than 10.000 in English >>, German >>,  Spanish >> and French >>

The editorial management involved close cooperation with the board of directors, the advocacy department, programm experts in Germany and the project countries, authors, photographers, a corporate publishing agency and translation agencies. It was presented during a press conference in Berlin on June 3, 2014.
After evaluating the Annual Report of 50 German NGOs, a study by Spiegel Online and Phineo concluded: Welthungerhilfe is the “most transparent” German NGO >>