Radish, not rabbit – Why we are vegetarians

What is it like to be vegetarian in countries like Argentina, Chile or Brazil? Three Latinamerican activists of the NGO Friends of the Earth give their personal answers.

produced for and shown by Peace Boat

Radish, not rabbit – Why we are vegetarians (in Spanish) from Christina Felschen on Vimeo.

In young urban surroundings, being vegetarian is nothing uncommon. But it has been when I decided to stop eating animals at age 11 in rural Germany – it took me several years to see that there is actually a movement behind that idea. And it has been uncommon on the vessel of the Japanese NGO Peace Boat, where only a minority considered themselves vegetarians. Still, there was a big interest in the idea, so we decided to organise some events on the topic. We had three Latin American activists of Friends of the Earth onboard, who were vegetarians themselves. They could not be in the event, but had their guest appearance in this video. Why do they abstain from eating animals, what is it like to be vegetarian in meet-loving Argentina, Chile or Brazil and what is their message. Find out in this interview clip (in Spanish)!