ocean | Christina Felschen

ocean | Christina Felschen

West Coast, wild coast

Five years in California. The tallest trees, the steepest mountains, a big fat photo book.

Beach vacation with bears – hiking along the Lost Coast

published on the expat blog Life in the Bay, April 21 2016 >> and (in German) on the tapir travel blog, October 5, 2015 >>

If Malibu Beach comes to your mind first when you think about beach vacations in California, you should probably not venture out to the Lost Coast. But if you prefer Alaska to ‘Baywatch’, this is your spot. Even the road builders of the Wild West steered clear of this coast, steep and rugged as it is. All the better for us, as well as for sea lions, black bears and marijuana farmers who peacefully cohabit in this wilderness.

Realizing how big the world is

written for the Peace Boat website, Dec 16th, 2012 >>

One year ago, we departed on a voyage that I will never forget. While Yokohama became smaller and smaller in a rain of ribbons, music and goodbyes, I felt that these 102 days would mark a turning point in my life – a presentiment which was true, but in a different way than I had expected. This voyage gave me the optimism and ‘genkiness’ that I needed later on in 2013 – thanks to all the incredible people onboard and in ports! Hope to see you again!

Around the world in 102 days

Now it’s official: From December 2012 until March 2013 I will join the Japanese NGO “Peace Boat” on its 78th voyage around the world, from Yokohama to Yokohama, passing for places whose names alone evoke all kinds of fantasies: Rapa Nui. Punta Arenas. Kota Kinabalu. Papeete. Port Louis.

Die Ästhetik des Unsichtbaren

veröffentlicht im SÜDLINK, dem Nord-Süd-Magazin von Inkota, 09/2011, S.32 >>

„Clothing“ heißt die Serie der niederländischen Fotografin Judith Quax – „Kleidung“, nichts weiter. Mehr ist ja auch nicht zu sehen auf den puristischen Fotos: Shirts und Jeans an einem verlassenen Strand. Sand und Wasser dringen in die Ärmel, blähen den Rumpf auf und nehmen langsam die Form der Körper an, die diese Kleider gerade noch trugen.

The last days of the Sundarbans

published in Südlink magazine 12/2010 in German >>

In a mangrove forest on the shore of the Indian Ocean the British photographer Peter Caton portrayed the first victims of climate change – islanders who are dislodged by rising waters and cyclones.