agriculture | Christina Felschen

agriculture | Christina Felschen

Tough selection, soft landing: Is Canada’s immigration policy as good as its image?

Translation of my German-language radio documentary (19mn), broadcast by Deutschlandfunk (German public radio) on Nov 23, 2021 >>

Canada opened its borders to people of all nationalities in the 1960s, provided they had the right qualifications. The German government is discussing whether this could be a model for them. But critics say Canada’s often idealized immigration system is classist and encourages exploitation.

How to manage an organic farm in a soy bean country

published by Peace Boat on January 31, 2013 in English >> and >>

To the Uruguayans Germán Brito seemed crazy at first. Returning after half a life in Europe, he bought a small farm like those that are being sold to multinational companies on a grand scale. In the new country of Barbecue and soybeans, Germán Brito goes against the current and revives disappeared trees and almost forgotten farming methods. With success: His farm has a huge productivity and the habitants of Montevideo pounce on his organic vegetables because there are just few left in Uruguay.