Development aid worker – a job with a high security risk

The security risks for aid workers living and working abroad have risen hugely in the last few years. In an interview, security expert Josef Frei explains which strategies Welthungerhilfe is using so that, wherever possible, staff do not run into danger.

published on the website of the German NGO “Welthungerhilfe” >> (English), in the newspaper “Welternährung” 2/2015, S. 13 >> and on the German website >>

In 2013, according to the “Aid Worker Security Report”, there were 264 attacks on humanitarian organisations – four times as many as a decade before. How can Welthungerhilfe protect its employees?

The civil war in Syria has increased our awareness of the fact that development aid workers can also be a conscious target of attacks. We take the security of our staff very seriously and consider them at every stage – such as when selecting a project or planning the budget. Questions of security often require rapid reactions; therefore, as Security Advisor, I am in direct exchange with the Executive Board and advise on the security situation with the project countries.

Welthungerhilfe works in seven countries which are currently rated by the bi-annual threat analysis as “very dangerous”. What warrants this risk?

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