Dance, dance, dance

The city that never sleeps had an old dancing ban in place, from 1926 – until the current mayor overturned it. We visit some night owls as they ­celebrate their first summer of freedom.

published by Lufthansa Magazine, August 2018, print and online >>

“This is where your wildest fantasies can come true,” says the blue-haired man, looking deep into my eyes. Behind us, a dozen of his friends who have squeezed into this trailer-sized space with us sing along to the music at the top of their lungs. Boxes on the walls bear curious, sometimes enticing inscriptions: “boringest panties,” “dark sparkle,” “iridescent collection.” So what’s his wildest fantasy tonight? He pulls out a green mask: “Bikini dancers with dinosaur heads! You’ll see!”

Anya Sapozhnikova, 32, draws us deeper and deeper into the House of Yes…

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