Video @en

Video @en

“Protecting the environment begins at home”

produced for the international NGO UEM during their workshop „Peace with the Earth“ in Medan/ Indonesia in 2012 >>

People face environmental challenges anywhere in the world, and often there are surprisingly simple solutions at hand. Listen to the testimonies of five activists on garbage in Indonesia, logging in Tanzania, mining in the Philippines, open brown coal pits in Germany and erosion in Rwanda. Why are they concerned by these problems and what did they do to mitigate them?

Hula without Hoop – Hawai’i in Berlin-Kreuzberg

article published in taz newspaper on August 8, 2009 >> , video produced at EJS School of Journamlism

By dancing hula Hawaiians insure themselvs of their identity. Hula is their history book, their religion, their means of opposition to the century-old US domination. As one of very few foreigners, the German-Namibian Monika Lilleike has been initiated to the hula alliance on the Pacific island. Today, she reinvents the tradition of her master  on the beach of Berlin river Spree.