A garage in Silicon Valley

Finding a room in San Francisco or Silicon Valley has never been more difficult. For a foreigner, who is not working for a extremely well-paying IT company and not even commuting, it is nearly a wonder to find anything at all. But we found a really great place in a garage – and isn’t that where all the good stories beginn in California?

After some weeks of looking up and down housing offers for Silicon Valley/San Francisco. on craigslist and other portals, I have condensed them a little by piecing real phrases together. The mosaic is slightly exaggerated, but not so far from reality.

Charming garage, in-law, 180 ft², 2000 USD/month

For 2000 USD/month we offer you a garage in excellent condition and great location: in the heart of the Silicon Valley suburbs, at only 1km of Facebook, Google, Stanford, you name it! Just remember how many companies started in a garage, if that is not a good omen…! This one is for share with my two very well-mannered poodles. Bath and kitchen are located in the house for share with us and our other sub-rentors. Light cooking okay, please bring your own portable oven. In exchange for this offer, we expect you to babysit our very easy-going one-year-old every now and then, usually between 8-12 a.m. and in the evenings. We will take charge of her on weekends – that gives you the free time to show around our regular Airbnb guests and do some light administrative work on the portal.

We are a quiet respectable neighbourhood, so we are looking for a presentable rentor. So please: No alcohol, no visitors, no pets. The ideal candidate is a clean quiet commuter with a college degree (preferably Stanford or similar) and a 10+ years credit history in the US. And he can prove that he earns at least three times the monthly rent.

And the best: Many of the tech companies’ shuttles stop at walking distance. (The public transport system will make you wait for hours though.)

Please write something personal and funny about yourself (private life, plans, experiences with babys and poodles etc.); this will increase your chances of being contacted. Open house tomorrow (administrative charge: 30 USD), move in immediately. Owner doesn’t speak English, so please come with a translator.

We are a non-discriminatory housing agent, if this ad violates our terms, please apologize.

header photo: Garage in Palo Alto where Hewlett/Packard kicked off in 1939, CC by raneko/osaMu. Note: This is NOT, where we live 😉