Interview | Christina Felschen

Interview | Christina Felschen

There is no „America First“ science

published in the magazine of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), pp. 8-11, May 2017 >>

Climate change is a lie and science does not need any exchange: Donald Trump has an “alternative” understanding of what is true – much to US researchers’ chagrin. A conversation with the political scientist Beverly Crawford from Berkeley University, who is currently researching Fake News.

“Protecting the environment begins at home”

produced for the international NGO UEM during their workshop „Peace with the Earth“ in Medan/ Indonesia in 2012 >>

People face environmental challenges anywhere in the world, and often there are surprisingly simple solutions at hand. Listen to the testimonies of five activists on garbage in Indonesia, logging in Tanzania, mining in the Philippines, open brown coal pits in Germany and erosion in Rwanda. Why are they concerned by these problems and what did they do to mitigate them?

“Ciudad Juárez taught me to live”

published in Orange Magazine, June 2011 >>

The Spanish blogger Judith Torrea writes about Ciudad Juárez, a Mexican city on the US-border severely affected by drug trafficking and homicides. She was awarded the Reporters Without Borders BOB Award 2011 during the Global Media Conference for her blog. An interview about passion and fear.